Phimosis Treatment For Adult Males

Men that have not undergone a circumcision sometimes experience Phimosis and this is a medical condition where men suffer from tight and non retractable foreskins. You can consult any doctor for Phimosis treatment.

This condition is extremely embarrassing and men loose all sensitivity in the penis while having sex. Infections are very common in men who suffer from Phimosis as the infection spreads around the head of the penis.

Five percent of the male population have been shown statistically to suffer from this condition. Phimosis can be treated very effectively and a condition of this nature is not life threatening. Men will experience on occasions a red and swollen foreskin area with a smelly discharge and pain.

Prescribed antibiotics and hot soaks will control the infection as well as loosen the tight foreskin surrounding the glands and when the infection has cleared up the doctor will inevitably suggest a circumcision be done. A circumcision is performed under general anaesthetic and is normally a quick and simple procedure whereby the foreskin is surgically removed. Post operatively one will experience pain and will be very uncomfortable for a few days after the op.

In minor cases of Phimosis a very simple method can be used where a man can stretch his foreskin by pulling the skin back tightly over the penis head or he can insert his fingers up into the opening and gently stretch the overlaying skin outwards.

The diameter of the preputial ring can be increased whereby no excision is required and this preputioplasty is performed by a surgeon whereby the procedure is done using local anaesthetic. There are tropical creams that can be used as well some containing steroids and other creams which are steroid free.

Phimosis treatments are safe and one does not have to worry about any side effects only after a surgical procedure you will suffer with some pain and discomfort. Should the penis be deprived of blood flow you will have to seek emergency medical treatment so that you can prevent any permanent damage occurring.